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Education has always been a passion and a priority for Rita Coburn. She has worked with students to inspire the next content creators, storytellers, and filmmakers.

DePaul University

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) has partnered with DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media to offer youth in public housing valuable skills in cinema, game, and graphic design. Rita Coburn joined the youth as a faculty filmmaker and mentor to create 3 projects and work with youth over 6-week Summer courses where students were paid to learn and create.


How is social media affecting young women's self-identity? This is the question explored by four high school aged girls who consider the common pitfalls versus the positive side of self-expression, empowerment, and connectivity.

"Black Girl Joy"

A young girl is told she was almost aborted and forms her own opinions about Pro-life and Pro-choice. Using the history of abortion, her own understanding of the reasons for life and death decisions, she concludes with the idea of a future when we all make better choices.

"Better Choices"

As black women continue to face racism, sexism, colorism and many other trials in society, we are engaged in a Movement that connects where we were to where we’re going. Our legacy of strength despite vulnerabilities and negative perception propels us to live and celebrate in the spirit of Joy, Black Girl Joy!

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Rita Coburn led the "Directing: The Storyteller" workshop where she worked directly with the No Malice Film Contest. This contest focuses on short films by youth on racial healing. She joined a panelist of experts and their sessions highlighted the art of telling powerful stories using the medium of film. The No Malice Film Contest is offered through a partnership between the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the Roger and Chaz Ebert Foundation, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation.

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